At Calitho, going “green” is more than participating in a trend, and “sustainability” is more than a buzzword. We are committed to environmentally-conscious practices and processes and we pride ourselves on innovating and adapting the newest green technologies. The Calitho pressroom is one of the greenest in the Bay Area and reflects our commitment to invest in sustainable technologies and our paperless processes include digital pre-media workflow and printing, online proofing and computer-to-plate systems.


Our Komori Lithrone H-UV presses emit about 1/4th the amount of CO2 than that of a conventional UV curing system. The H-UV press also does not discharge any ozone, a greenhouse gas, into the atmosphere and produces less paper waste and noise pollution than conventional UV presses.


Our HP Indigo digital press uses liquid inks instead of dry toners, which dramatically enhances offset quality while reducing the amount of ink required. These inks comply with California’s Proposition 65 on toxic materials and do not contain any hazardous air pollutants as established by the US Federal Clean Air Act.

Inks and Paper

Our soy-based inks and aqueous coatings emit a near-zero amount of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Additionally, we hand mix inks on site as opposed to purchasing pre-mixed inks, which saves more than 3,000 pounds of waste annually. We recycle all paper waste, corrugated material, aluminum, wood, ink and chemicals used throughout the production process.

FSC Certified

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) has recognized Calitho’s aggressive efforts to institute environmentally responsible practices for over fifteen years. Our re-certification is contingent on a thorough and rigorous inspection by the FSC, which we have never failed.