Calitho celebrates Independence Day with a California twist

June 30, 2014

Calitho is proud to announce a new Independence Day tradition. Everyone knows what our American Flag looks like today, but few know the colorful history behind its evolution and surprising interpretation over the years. Drawing from the fascinating collection of American flag designs and artifacts contained in the penultimate volume, “Long May She Wave” by renowned graphic designer, Kit Hinrichs, Calitho will bring you a unique custom “collectible” created in collaboration with the author each year.

This year we celebrate state and country with a historically-inspired design commemorating California’s induction as the 31st state in the union. The 31 star design, or the “Great Star” shape, was a popular Pre-Civil war arrangement. This kind of flag would likely have been unveiled on July 4th, as it would be the first time a new state’s star could be included in the design. The bold “California” emblazoned on the flag is a declaration of pride of joining the Union, while still maintaining the state identity.

This year’s custom design from Calitho is an updated version of an actual California flag produced in 1851 as seen below. The printed piece is folded accordion style in a manner reminiscent of the furling of the flag. Pin it on your wall with pride!

Here you can see the flag that inspired our design!


Along with this beautifully created piece, Calitho is offering you another way to celebrate Independence Day with a raffle of a commeorative, signed edition of “Long May She Wave.” Use the box below from July 4th to July 24th to enter for a chance to win!

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